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Chistorra is a classic embutido from Navarra, Spain, a stunning area that borders with France, the Basque country, and Aragon. The Chistorra is prepared over burning coals and is made with Ontario pork, paprika, and garlic. Similar to chorizo, but longer and thinner since is stuffed in lamb casing. It is delicious boiled, broiled or fried. A must for paellas or stews. It recreates the perfect Spanish omelet (tortilla) or serves it on its own, tapas-style.


The Mexican Chorizo is a sausage made with Ontario pork, guajillo peppers (it is them which give him this beautiful color brick), and of a mixture of spices and aromatics. Contrary to his Spanish cousin, it is always eaten cooked. Huevos con chorizo is a popular breakfast dish in Mexico. It is made by simply giving a briefly fried to the chorizo without any oil, before the eggs are added, as the fat in the skillet will prevent the eggs from sticking. Huevos con chorizo is often used in making breakfast burritos or taquitos.  

The Mexican Chorizo is also used to make the popular appetizer chorizo con queso, which is small pieces of chorizo served in or on melted cheese and eaten with tortilla or bread.


Every household in Spain has at least one or two of the hundreds of varieties of delicious chorizos. Spanish chorizo-type products often referred to as embutidos, come in many varieties, thick and thin, plain or smoked, some containing lean meat to be served for tapas, or with more fat to flavor stews and grilled dishes. Our Spanish chorizo is made with Ontario pork, sweet paprika, garlic, spices and then fermented with red wine. Many of the chorizos are deep red in color because they contain pimentón (Spanish smoked paprika). Not only does pimentón lend color and seasoning, but its oils make the chorizo last longer without refrigeration.

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